Klassy Lady

Elegant Jewelry 

Rhinestone Necklaces, Earrings, Ankle Bracelets, Bracelets and Chokers  Elegantly Crafted.  

Choose from a variety  for any occasion.



EMJ1234                     EMJ1223                      EMJ1221                  EMJ1371                    EMJ1224


EMJ1231                      EMJ1343                    EMJ1396                     EMJ1233                EMJ1315


EMJ1321                           EMJ1348                     EMJ1314                     EMJ1302                           EMJ1347


EMJ1330                            EMJ1332                         EMJ1339                   EMJ1307                        EMJ1342 


EM1318                         EM1327                                           EM1312                                   EM1311


EM1317                          EM1324                           EM1306                          EM1322                        EM1325


EM1308         EMJ1333         EMJ1309                EM1331                  EM1303


EM1319                        EM1320                            EM1305                               EM1310 


       EMJ1349                                  EMJ1313

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